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  • David Mahokey

ShoCast is the ULTIMATE low stakes, low budget answer for new plays and musical readings

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the human race, specifically artists, are incredibly resilient, if not superbly adaptive.

When the pandemic hit and theaters closed, artists started taking their new show readings online, finding that the virtual format was much cheaper and more convenient for all involved, but that there wasn't a platform that could make the production as professional as an in person show.

Then ShoCast came along. ShoCast has developed a platform for a professional, low stakes alternative to live and in person readings of new material. Have a new script/score and wanna see what people think of it without having to go through the trouble of:

1. Renting a small black box somewhere

2. Hiring a bunch of actors who are local to that black box

3. Paying for YOUR flights and hotels, and then any industry people who you WANT to be there

4. Hiring a director or music director that's local

When you have a perfect team and cast from all over the globe who could get the job done if given the chance? If that sounds like you, ShoCast has the solution to cut the cost of the entire thing to a fifth of what a live production would be, while also allowing you to collaborate with your dream team no matter where they are.

Audience view on the ShoCast platform

Picture this. Six actors on screen at once. A real live stage manager who is cuing everyone, and assisting the show, all from an invisible place to the audience. Oh, and the audience? Right there on screen too, where you, the artist, can see, hear, and gage the reactions of everyone to your amazing art.

As for industry people you've invited to be in your audience, they can get a better feel of how things will land when you have a live production in a theater. And the best part is, that all of this can be done in the comfort of everyone's home or office. No need to buy anyone's plane tickets or hotel rooms or bus tickets to your venue. Your venue is your computer or laptop.

Performers view on the ShoCast platform

All in all, ShoCast is the NEW low stakes, low budget answer in pandemic times, and non-pandemic times for new plays and musical readings. No need to wait to have your perfect cast all be in the same space and time and location. Take your time and see what you have at any and every stage of pre-production.

David Mahokey is a professional Musical Theater Composer, Writer, and lyricist based out of Los Angeles California. His newest show is "The Butler Convention" coming soon to ShoCast!

Find him on Instagram @davidmahokey


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