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Goodbye Awkward Zoom Shows: Tech Startup, ShoCast, Launches Platform for Interactive Shows Online

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Influencers, comedians, musicians, and more are using ShoCast to make money and build a face to face connection with their online fanbase.

Los Angeles, CA / March 2nd, 2022 - Our team at ShoCast recently beta launched our virtual venue made specifically for creators and entertainers to host interactive live shows and performances online. With features ranging from an on and off screen audience section, audience volume controls, stage management tools and more, our team at ShoCast is setting itself up to be THE virtual venue for intimate and interactive, live shows online.

ShoCast was conceived in December of 2020 by co-founders Bre Podgorski and Art Herrera, who recognized the value that interactive virtual events had for artists, entertainers, and other creators who’ve built their audience predominantly online.

“Creators are constantly working to connect with their online audience, and up to this point have been doing so via pre-recorded content, free live streams on social media platforms, or on video conferencing platforms not made for entertainment.” Co-Founder Bre Podgorski states.

“We are working to provide these brilliant creators and artists with an environment where they can produce uniquely intimate and exclusive experiences that turn passive followers into passionate, supportive fans," says co-founder Art Herrera, "Imagine being able to wave 'hello' to your favorite musician as they welcome you into their home studio for an exclusive first glance at some of their newest songs, or being jokingly picked on because you laughed too hard during a comedy show with an all-star line up of comedians from around the world."

ShoCast is set up like a venue, with a backstage area invisible to the audience, a stage, a ‘front row’ of 14 on-camera audience members complete with an audience volume control, and an off-screen audience section for viewers that can participate via live chat. With the ability to have up to 6 performers on stage at a time, creators can collaborate with other artists from around the world to not only provide an exclusive live experience to their own fans, but broaden their online fan base without leaving their home studio.

Our goal at ShoCast is to make ticketed, online entertainment a viable income stream for entertainers, as well as provide audience members an exciting new way to connect with their favorite creators and entertainers online.

Co-Founder Art Herrera states, "We like saying that if your audience is in Los Angeles, book a show at the Avalon or The Hotel Cafe. If your audience is in New York, book The Blue Note. If your audience is online, book a show on ShoCast."

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