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Top 4 Ways to Market Your Virtual Event on Tik Tok

So, you've developed a strong Tik Tok following with an audience spread out all over the world - now what?

It's time to take your audience engagement to the next level by hosting a live, ticketed virtual event, converting passive followers into active participants who will more directly support your work by buying tickets to your shows.

What do we mean by show? A show could be a lot of things: a live comedy set, an intimate concert, a workshop or masterclass, or even a meet and greet - whatever live experience you can offer that you know is valuable to your audience and something they would most likely want to buy tickets for.

The problem is, you can put on an amazing show packed with a ton of value and magical moments, but if no one shows up, it's useless. So how do you best market your virtual event to get butts into virtual seats?

Here are four tried and true Tik Tok marketing tactics used by virtual event experts that you should employ a month before the show date all the way to the day before to successfully sell tickets to your show.

1. Do Tik Tok lives with previews of your show

Identify when your audience is most active on Tik Tok and plan on doing a Tik Tok live with a preview of your upcoming virtual show, letting your audience know the day before so they can join you. When you go live, let your audience know you have a show coming up on such and such date and that they can buy tickets at the link in your bio. Do a bit or share a preview of what your audience will get during the show, engaging with them the entire time by answering questions and chatting with them via the comments. Once your preview is over, tell them again to buy tickets if they would like to get the full experience.

2. Discount your tickets (For a limited time)

This step is best to do in conjunction with step one. At the end of your Tik Tok live, provide your followers with a discount code for between 20%-50% off tickets that will only be accessible for 2 hours after your Tik Tok Live to those who participated. Make sure to stress that this is a limited time offer and that after 2 hours, the tickets will go back to full price. This will give people an incentive to buy tickets now and will start filling your seats. You can do this on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.

3. Collaborate with other creators

A great way to not only get people to come to your show but to also build your own following is to collaborate with other social media creators on your show. If you're a comedian, this could mean featuring other Tik Tok comedians in your lineup. As a musician, it might mean having an opening act. As a coach, you could do a masterclass with other pros in your field. Collaborating with other creators who have their own following takes the impetus off of you to fill every seat in the venue, while also introducing your work to a new crowd. Strategize with your collaborators on how you can market the show together, including dueting each other on Tik Tok, doing Tik Tok lives together, and collaborating on other social media platforms as well.

4. Pay for Tik Tok ads for your event

We all know how finicky the Tik Tok algorithms can be. The best way to make sure that your event gets in front of your audience is to sponsor advertisements about it. This means making funny skits or impressive videos that showcase what you will be doing during your show, and encouraging people to buy tickets before they sell out. Your ads should be engaging, interesting, and should very specifically target the audience you're hoping to drive to your show. Considering that virtual shows on ShoCast have absolutely no overhead and you get to keep every cent of your profit, spending $50-$100 on ads to get butts in seats could pay off handsomely in the end.


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the most important thing is to get creative and stay consistent. All of these tactics should be done together rather than just focusing on one or two, while also coming up with your own strategies based on what you know about your audience. Continually remind your audience that the event is happening, where they can buy tickets, and what amazing things they're going to see when they come. Let them know why it will be worth the price of admission, and don't stop marketing it until literally the time of your event. It sometimes takes some convincing to get people to part with their money, however if you do it right, it can turn your passive followers into super fans.

When it comes to doing your show, there's no better place to host it than on ShoCast, a virtual venue made for creators like you to engage with your fans in real time.

Want to produce a show on ShoCast? Email us at to set up your very own show on ShoCast today.


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