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How to Share Your Screen on ShoCast using OBS

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

When using ShoCast for a virtual show, there may be a time where you would like to share your screen with your audience. This could be a presentation slide deck, pictures, or video. While ShoCast does not offer this feature natively quite yet, there is a quick and easy work around using the (free) encoder, OBS. This article will take you step by step on how to set up OBS to use with ShoCast and how to share your screen during your show.

  1. Download OBS:

  2. Open OBS and navigate to the bottom right hand corner under Controls. Click ‘Start Virtual Camera’

3. On the bottom far left under the word Scenes, click the plus button and add a scene. Name this scene, ‘Main’. Click the plus button again and add a scene called ‘Screen Share’

4. Go back to your Main scene. To the right of the Scene section under Sources, click the plus button. Select ‘Video Capture Device’, choosing the camera from the drop down menu you would like to use.

This main scene will be what you will use when you want to be on camera without sharing your screen.

5. Go to scenes and click 'Screen share'. If you would like to position your screen share to where people can still see you (where your screen share is at the corner but your face is still visible), you will need to add your video source just as before.

6. Pull up the image or deck you want to display during your stream on your computer.

7. Press plus under Sources and select 'Window Capture'.

8. Select 'Create New', name it whatever you want and press 'OK'.

9. Under the window drop down, click the name of the image/deck you'll be displaying and press ok.

10. Drag the red corners of the window share to either cover the entire screen or the portion you would like to display it on.

Make sure to follow these steps BEFORE you enter the ShoCast room to prevent any glitches!

11. OBS is set! Now enter your ShoCast room, and under select devices, select 'OBS Virtual Camera' as the camera source. Then during the show, you can switch easily between scenes in OBS which will display on your ShoCast screen for your audience to see!

We hope this was helpful! There's a million and one things you can do using OBS, but this is a simple way to share your screen during your show. If you have any other questions or are having difficulty using OBS with ShoCast, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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