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3 Ways Comedians Produce Hilarious Shows on ShoCast

After developing a strong following on social media, many comedians recognize the importance of producing a diverse array of content in order to keep their online fans engaged and their audience base growing. The demand for live video grows stronger every day, and many comedians are hopping onto the live stream train by producing live online shows of their own.

If you are a comedian interested in engaging your fans in a live virtual setting, you might be asking yourself, what is the best kind of show to produce to be able to sell tickets? Here are some ways to identify the kind of show to put on that will not only engage your fans, but also make you money.

1. Identify what kind of content is most popular with your audience

Review your audience's engagement from your social media and other platforms to find what kind of content your audience finds most valuable. Does your audience mostly engage with your stand up sets? Or do they prefer your skits? Maybe it's your unique perspective of observational comedy? Or your witty improvisation? Whatever it is that your audience seems to enjoy the most, center your show concept around that.

2. Build a unique and exclusive experience they can get nowhere else

Now that you have the foundation of what your show will provide, the next thing to do is to build it with elements that make it unique, and within that foundation, peak your audience’s interest with content they haven’t gotten before and wouldn't get elsewhere. This, alongside marketing the event as an exclusive show for ticketbuyers, will get your audience excited about what they are going to see from you.

3. Focus on interaction

ShoCast is an online venue made for audience interaction. Utilize this to its fullest extent by focusing your show on audience interaction. Play with on screen audience members, and joke with offscreen ones. Make them feel like they're part of the show, which will again enforce how special the experience is that they get to interact with you.

Once you have created an awesome show, all that's left to do is market it to your online audience, which you can do using these helpful tips.

For more helpful tips on how to create an amazing show using ShoCast, check out this article.


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