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BRE: Y'all when I say we're ready to rock.... I can't wait to show you the music we've made. If you are in LA, come sing/dance/head bang with me 🥰 Go to my Linktree to check out my upcoming events and get tickets!
PS. We may or may not be playing never-before-heard (is that a phrase?) songs from my new album 😏⁠

BRE: Hey ya'll! I'll be livestreaming Tuesday (5/9/23) and Thursday (5/11/23)  at 8PM PST to give you a sneak peek of the new music you will be able to hear in my shows next week!

BRE: Are you all excited for this week?! So many appearances all around LA! Come join the venue nearest you. Tickets are in my Linktree!

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