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  • Can I use ShoCast on mobile or tablet device?
    Unfortunately, our platform does not yet support access through mobile or tablet devices. Please make sure to log in using a computer or laptop.
  • I am hearing an echo, how do I make it stop?"
    All performers must wear headphones in order to prevent echo from occurring. Please make sure you and all of your other performers are wearing headphones that are properly connected to your computer. If you are wearing bluetooth headphones, make sure they are properly paired to your computer.
  • My microphone/camera is not working.
    This could be due to any of the following: When you first access our platform you should receive a notification from your browser to allow it to use your microphone and camera, but in case you accidentally denied it permission or missed this request, access your browser settings to provide this permission to your browser. (Here are some articles with detailed steps for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) Upon entering our platform, you will be prompted to select your microphone and camera source devices. Check that you're using the right devices: Click on the "cog" (settings) icon on the top left corner of your screen Click on "Select Media Devices" Use the dropdown menus on the microphone and camera devices to ensure you're using the right device.
  • I’m experiencing platform glitches - how do I get them to stop?
    Check these things: Make sure you are not on a mobile device or tablet as these formats are not supported by ShoCast Make sure your internet connection is as strong as possible. We recommend using a wired connection to your router via ethernet cable for the smoothest experience. Refresh the screen to reconnect to the room. If problems persist, please reach out to our team via the phone number provided to you for emergency purposes
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